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Project Description

Case 3: Xyber Force

Background of Client

Xyber Force, a local supplier of health supplements and medical gadgets which measure biometrics, would like to kick start their operation in Macau.

Problems Faced

  1. Our client does not possess the network necessary to support their startup in Macau.
  2. A limited amount of resources hinders the possibility for our client to set up a local office and hire their own staff.
  3. The requirement for a POS system set up in Macau to ensure sales data can be obtained for the purpose of accurate data analysis and marketing planning to improve our client’s existing offerings.

Our Solutions

Feedback from Client

“People show great interest in our products in Macau but we have no connection in the area. We do not expect  ecTEAM 2 has such capacity but when we raise our needs, I am surprised that they have experiences in helping companies entering into the Macau market."

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