Information Technology Outsourcing

With members with expertise in the realm of hardware and software, we can cater your every demand.

With full support by a team of professional engineers, we are capable of deploying your IT project from plan on paper to ground-zero deployment. From server and data center relocation to PCs and mobiles maintenance, we are always ready for your mission. We can also cover your various user scenarios by providing tailor-made software solutions with our experience from web to datable and even specific systems like Point of Service (POS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in order to solve the “high cost but low efficiency” problem of traditional process.

Human Resources Outsourcing

Companies that conducted Human Resources outsourcing benefited from a 7-9% growth faster than those which didn’t, according to a 2013 study.

We believe that human resource is an important asset of any flourishing companies. With our strong local network and a database, we provide the best tailored-made HR advice and solutions to your business. We cover a wide range of services from hiring the right personnel, handling their payrolls to filling your temporary vacancy due to change of needs. With a smart allocation of human resource, we promise a lowered fixed cost in personnel management.
*Laurie Bassi & Dan McMurrer, Professional Employer Organizations: Fueling Small Business Growth, September 2013

Logistics Service

Entrust your products, and we will make sure delivery is made smoothly and in time.

Owning dedicated warehouses in Hong Kong and China of more than 10,000 Square feet and more than 100 vehicles, we handle delivery and warehousing requests of clients at high quality. Our warehouses are equipped with advanced management systems, and comprehensive tracking systems are installed to make sure delivery is right on time. Our logistics services have served businesses from catering industry to multi-national enterprise. Our partnership with key transportation companies in town ensures delivery to the final destinations smoothly.

Call Center Service

Experienced correspondent team and advanced system allow the creation of your own unique call center.

Equipped with advanced audio systems and software, implementation of hotline services will be highly efficient. We employ teams of correspondents experienced in handling various types of call services ranging from general customer services, inquiry handling, and help desk solution to specific technical support and inquiry. With our service, you may set up your own remote 24/7 call center with language options of English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, so that your clients’ needs can be answered at all times.

Procurement Service

Tell us your specifications, and we will deliver the right products and services, at just the right cost.

In order to satisfy your unique demands, we have a team of experts which can procure the best service (office acquisition and renovation, logistics, legal, sourcing, etc.), components, subassemblies and final products for you. We understand that especially during the startup stage, it is essential to get all the right products and services with high efficiency and at a reasonable price. We promise the best purchasing decisions, allowing you to spare more resources and focus on other areas of business development.

Business Process Outsourcing

Leave the operational burden to us, so that you can focus on core capabilities.

By entrusting your non-core business functions to us, your daily operational burden will be lessened. We assist companies with their various business functions, from basic administrative works to online marketing. Upon your business needs, we analyze and synthesize unique business services, and make sure they are implemented smoothly so that you can work on your best competencies with less to worry about.

Accounting / Financial / Legal

We will be your tailor-made secretary at hand, handling legal/ accounting and financial issues for you.

Easy-to-use bookkeeping software is provided so that keeping of ledgers will be a totally different experience. Legal and financial matters will be handled by the provision of highly professional advice from our trusted lawyers and accountants introduced to you. With our broad network, you will not need to worry about not having the best person to offer you solutions. Basic corporate services including company secretarial services will also be available to clients.

Talk to us

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